Why Sand-Play Therapy?

Sand-play is a ‘hands on’ form of therapy that I offer in addition to talking therapy, as a safe way to express feelings and experiences often inaccessible or difficult to express in words. It is non-directive and an imaginative therapy that can be a beneficial part of therapy for both adults and children.

Sand-play involves a tray of sand and a collection of miniature symbolic and natural objects, from which you can choose. I provide a silent but supportive and empathic presence, using my understanding of the process to stay in-tune with you, allowing you time and permission to create whatever you wish with the sand and your selection of objects.


To support you further, I may ask you to tell me the story of your sand-tray scene or I may ask you relevant questions that may help your understanding and awareness of the sand-tray you have created.

Sand-play can be a healing process since it provides both the freedom and protection to look at painful experiences, or reconstruct events within the tray, allowing you the possibility to look at that life experience, safely, with new eyes or a new understanding, and that can often bring a sense of release or freeing.

In general I would not use sand-tray on a first session or until you feel secure within the therapeutic relationship and then the use of the sand-tray will always be voluntary.