About Me

My journey into therapy began quite a long time ago, when my own children were small. I have four children who are now grown-up, but they all faced huge challenges at school, because of a cognitive learning difference.

This is now recognised as a ‘Neurological Difference’ and comes under the relatively new term of ‘Neurodiversity’. It was a huge journey of learning that was at times traumatic, yet at other times a very humbling experience.

Therapy helped us to make sense of those experiences and it was during this time that I began to develop my own training and understanding in different therapies, although I did not complete my training until my children had achieved and finished their education.

Alongside my psychotherapy training, I have so far completed seven years training in Earth based wisdom, founded upon ancient teachings of appreciation, and establishing a deeper connection and understanding of ourselves and all others in a very grounded and heart-felt way. This training provides me with an understanding and appreciation of the many traditional resources and connections we can access for our well-being and deeper understanding of ‘the self’.

My Qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative, Humanistic Counselling & Psychotherapy (CBT, Gestalt & Person-Centred Therapies)
  • Diploma Sand Tray Therapy
  • Certificate in Person Centred Counselling
  • Certificate Transactional Analysis
  • Ongoing Shamanic Practitioner Training
  • Certificate in Psycho-Spiritual and Therapeutic Shamanism